CNEX - CNEX creates a virtual patient record.

Codebook - The Codebook provides de-identified access to clinical data for researchers.

Single Sign On - A single sign on system provides a seamless experience for the users

Tailored User Interface - User interfaces are designed for departments within UCLA Health Care based on specifications for their particular user group.

P-Tracker - Ptracker is a set of integrated Open ACS packages that together with the underlying OpenACS framework have been used to develop many clinical trial data management systems.

Faculty Database

InfoWRAP- InfoWRAP is an action plan builder that begins with a short sequence of questions about your research project. After you answer 5 to 10 questions, InfoWRAP will generate an action plan specific to your research project. As you work through the regulations and requirements pertinent to your project your action plan will keep track of what is done and what remain. Think of InfoWRAP as a kind of research concierge. Not sure what you need to do or whom you need to contact? InfoWRAP can help!   (